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Temporary Motion Sensor Light

Exciting developments at home: Skunks!
We recently found a family of 6 skunks living in our back yard. Sadly the local pest control doesn't deal with that sort of thing (not sure what they deal with as they didn't help with squirrels or a groundhog either) which leaves it up to us to attempt to disrupt the funk of the skunks.

After reading a bit online one trick, out of many we're trying, is to shine floodlights on them during the night because they aren't fond of light. Getting some floodlights was pretty easy, but we weren't sure we wanted them in our backyard as a permanent fixture:

We decided it would be better to create a plug for the light, so we could plug it into an outlet. In my mind, this was a perfect time to employ the 3D printer. I grabbed an old computer power supply, and a ruler, and got to work designing a back cover:

Male connector end of a computer power supply

The case I designed and printed out (~1 hour to design, ~6 hours to print)

Testing to make sure things fit

The final product installed and ready to go the next day.

This is part of why I love 3D printing; it makes it really easy to make an idea become reality within a fairly short amount of time. And hopefully this will help the skunks decide to exodus.


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