There are lots of things I can take for granted. The one I've missed the most since starting this venture is clean running water. Back in the beginning of April, before fully moving up to my property, I contacted the local well drillers to see how soon I could get a well drilled. At the time I had expected them to have a two week lead time. I found out to my shock, and slight horror, that they were already booked through September. Fortunately, because I was what they consider a small job, they thought they could squeeze me in around mid July (two weeks away from my writing of this post).

So you may be wondering, "What do you do now for water? How do you take showers?" Well, I have up to 5 gallons of clean pressurized water at any given time within a RinseKit, which is essentially a bucket with a bladder that pressurizes off of a normal house hose spigot. My nearest neighbor graciously lets me take water from him when I run out, and I use that water for washing my hands and cleaning dishes. As for showers; I'm now more of a bath guy.

At least we hope it's temporary
My temporary bathtub

This local lake is where I get the majority of the dirt off at the end of a long day. It's not what everyone would consider "clean" but it's similar to the cleanliness of camping. I don't have much control over the temperature, but most days this summer it has felt great. As you might imagine, I'm looking forward to the well finally being drilled and not needing to ration or be as careful about my usage of clean water.