December 13, 2012

Status of Broken World

Broken World was completed in April of 2012 as a college project at WPI. Since then the developers have graduated and gone their separate ways. The servers were taken down for other uses and the download links removed since there wasn't a standalone version of the game. While continued development on Broken World is possible it is unlikely. For your amusement you can see an ASCII screenshot of the game after the break.

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September 11, 2011

Website is Up!

The website is finally up and ready to go! We're still in the very early stages of planning the game, but be sure to watch this space for updates, screenshots, and to see our progress.

Broken World (as we're currently calling our game) must be completed by May 2012 in order for us to get credit for it as our Major Qualifying Project at WPI. We hope to have something publicly playable much, much sooner than that.

Wish us luck!
Wasabi Studios